Atlan Films renforce son champ d’activité en développant son secteur documentaire, avec notamment "le Pays à l'envers", film documentaire de long métrage pour le cinéma, en cours de tournage, ainsi que de nombreux projets à destination de la télévision.

Ces projets sont désormais sous la responsabilité de Juliette Challe, qui a récemment intégré la structure.

puce_coproductions.png BATAILLES EN MOSKITIA
A film of Clara Ott et Gilles Bataillon
Documentary 52
puce_coproductions.png LE PAYS A L'ENVERS
A film of Sylvaine Dampierre
Documentary 100

Originating in Guadeloupe but having always lived in Metropolitan France, the director leaves to research its roots and its personal history. Along this way, it intends to find, the origin of its patronym .
puce_coproductions.png BAYONNE TO BAYONNA
A film of Angel Amigo – Cinema/TV 100' Coproduction CIA – ATLAN FILMS
From Juin 2006 to April 2007
Documentary on six teenagers trying to leave itself their dependence to drug in only one and single environment: a boat of 30 meters and follow-up by a team of professionals.
puce_coproductions.png BIDASSOA, l'histoire d'un fleuve
52' (1999)
Written and realized by Rafael Treku Eugi.
puce_coproductions.png AMA  
Documentary film on vocal arts from Soule in the Basque region.
Written by Michel d’Arcangues and Jean-Pierre Grasset from a show imagined by Jean-Mixel Bedaxagar.
Directed by Jean-Pierre Grasset.
Nominated at the FIPATEL 2000.
puce_coproductions.png BAT, BI
Written and directed by Jean-Pierre Grasset. 68' (1998)
Documentary film on Basque cultural identity through music. Nominated at the FIPATEL 1999.